Int CH Best Little Toby

International Champion Best Little “Toby”

15″ Red Tri Male with Two Blue Eyes.

Genetic Testing- Clear (normal) PRA, HC, MDR1, DM

Disposition- Toby is an absolute people pleaser. His goal in life is to make me happy. I can say his name and he be all the way across the pasture and here he comes. He patiently waits outside the gate while I feed the horses or cows barely able to contain himself- his whole butt wiggling with excitement. He is waiting on me to tell him how good he is being for waiting outside while some of the others are running around wild in the pen. At shows, you will probably find him perched on his own grooming table, making eyes at anyone who might be walking by. He adores attention when it is his idea. At home, especially around “his” girls he feels the need to show he is king and put up a good show, once satisfied he has impressed the ladies with his glory, its back to begging for kisses and belly rubs.

In the summer, I have given up trying to keep this guy in coat. I am fairly certain he is part duck. If there is water (no matter the size of the bucket) he wants in it. **Full disclosure- his babies tend to love water as well**

This guy crosses great with both minis and toys, his background is toys and his puppies are born small. I often joke he is my “heifer bull” I have no qualms breeding 12.5-13″ girls to him with great success. Toby is easy collected and his semen ships well. Please contact me for more information regarding stud services. We do offer to a select few females .

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