Ref-CH Lindsey’s Ready For Anything “Challenger”

CH Lindsey’s Ready For Anything “Challenger”

Challenger is a 12.5″ Blue Merle Male with two blue eyes and full collar.

Genetic Testing- Full Panel Clear through Orivet. (available upon request)

Disposition- Challenger is one of a kind. He is medium drive and highly intelligent. His preference is to be a cuddle bud and lap dog and is quite satisfied to hang out all day if I let him. Challenger is not such a show off, but will demand your attention if he is nearby. He loves people and attention. HIs puppies are usually smaller toys, and very outgoing just like he is. He loves to run and explore but “checks in” very often before back out searching for an unsuspecting mouse in the pasture.

*Notes*- If Challenger is crosses with another max white female that has freckles, he will product majority white puppies due to the irish spotting gene. These pups are characterized by having a correctly marked face and majority white body where the merling has been replaced with white. There are no health concerns with these puppies and make fantastic pets. He is available to outside females that are suggested not to be maximum white with ticking.


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