Our Champions

We are so proud to present to you the Best Little Aussies out there in the ring earning a name for themselves! I cannot be more proud of my babies!

2017 American Stock Dog Association Cowboy Classic- Chandler, OK- March 2017

2016 American Stock Dog Association Invitational Dog Show- Las Vegas, NV- Dec 3-4, 2016

International All Breed Canine Association- Hill Country Sieger, November 26-27th, 2016 Taylor, TX

Best Little Red Hot & Blue- IABCA International and National Senior Puppy Champion

iabca11-27-2016-3523 iabca11-27-2016-3525 iabca11-27-2016-3417 iabca11-27-2016-3406

Just a My Little Marley of Downunder by So Cal Del Mar- IABCA International Champion

iabca11-27-2016-3284 iabca11-27-2016-3278 iabca11-27-2016-3448 iabca11-27-2016-3425

ASDR Red Raider Rambler July 9th 2016-

Best Little Rim Fire Sky- 1st, Level 1 ASDR Champion

IMG_7378 IMG_7174IMG_7281

Best Little Bluebell (Intl CH Best Little Toby x CH Best Little Annabella) 1st, ASDR Level 1 Champion

IMG_7377 IMG_7163

Jessie B Edens- 1st, Best Of Breed- Veteran Toy, ASDR Level 1 Champion


Intl CH, CH Best Little Toby

  • 2016 IABCA International Champion
  • 2016 ASDR Level 1 Conformation Champion

Toby has blessed us in so many ways! He was bred by my Mother, and was the first of her now MANY BRED BY Champions! He was raised a true ranch- dog and the show life has been a new experience! As always, Toby has taken it in stride and not only has produced multiple champions in the past, but went in as an aged dog and proved himself as well! We do offer stud service by Toby to select, tested, females by Private Treaty.

IMG_7957 IMG_7996 IMG_8049 IMG_8945 Unknown-16 Unknown-15 Unknown-10 Unknown-9 Unknown-8 Unknown-7 Unknown-6 FullSizeRender-32

Intl CH, Lv 2 CH Four Oaks Best Little Time To Shine

  • 2016 IABCA International Champion- Belton, TX
  • 2016 IABCA National Champion- Belton, TX
  • 2016 ASDR Level 1 Conformation Champion- Accumulated points from Belton, TX IABCA Shows
  • 2016 ASDR Level 2 Conformation Champion- Cowtown Gathering, Fort Worth TX

Our Bandit! Bred by Kenya Oaks of Simpson, Louisiana. This boy is all we dreamed of and more! We were looking to add a black tri male, but wanted to keep our size down, while staying correct with our type. Every time I got online I would see a pic of this sweet boy! So glad Kenya picked us to love him forever! Look for his first litters with BABY, LADY, DIVA! This summer & fall!

IMG_1589 IMG_1584 FullSizeRender-17 FullSizeRender-33

CH Lindsey’s Ready For Anything “Challenger”

  • 2014 ASDR Level 1 Conformation Champion

Challenger is a new addition! Such a sweet boy he is! He stands just at 12″. Challenger joined us from Lindsey Porter of Lawton, OK.

CH Challenger

CH Best Little Annabella

  • 2016 ASDR Level 1 Conformation Champion- Cowtown Gathering, Fort Worth TX

Sweet Bella- Such a precious girl. She was such a good girl doing everything she was asked at her first show just after weaning 9 puppies! She acted like an old pro! We are so blessed to have sweet Bella!

IMG_1582 IMG_1581

CH Watson’s Best Little I’m Such A Diva

  • 2015 ASDR Level 1 Conformation Champion- 10 Year Celebration Columbia, MO

Oh Diva! What a fine girl she has matured to be! She made her debut at the 10 Year Anniversary ASDR Show in Columbia, MO. At just 3 months old this little girl was as smart as they come! (Check out her video on our Facebook page doing tricks at 9 weeks old!) Later this year Diva will make another show appearance. Then, keep an eye out for her puppies this fall! She is a granddaughter of Leah and Sired by Shooter. So fun and outgoing this girl knows she is a beauty!

IMG_4491 20150501_094648-1

CH Prissy B Edens

  • ASDR Level 1 Champion
  • 2015 ICKC Intercontinental Champion

IMG_4746 IMG_4773 IMG_4721

Our up and coming show prospects-

We have kept back pups for the first time to raise and show! It has been so exciting to watch them grow into some fabulous dogs!

CH Best Little Ellie Mae- (Intl CH, CH Best Little Toby x Elite CH Just a Little Mareley of So Cal from Downunder)


Best Little Look At My Bling (CH Watson’s Lil Hoss x Best Little Lady)


Best Little Peggy Sue (Intl CH, CH Best Little Toby x Jessie B Edens)


Best Little Classic Style (Intl CH, CH Best Little Toby x Jessie B Edens)


Best Little Blue Bell (Intl CH, CH Best Little Toby x CH Best Little Annabella)


Best Little Red (Intl CH, CH Best Little Toby x CH Best Little Annabella)


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